In this tutorial you will learn two ways how to disable and delete WordPress Plugins. In ‘Tutorial 1’ you will learn the most common way used directly from WordPress Dashboard. Sometimes that way does not work and in ‘Tutorial 2’ you will learn how to do it from cPanel.


Tutorial 1: WP Dashboard

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress ‘Dashboard’.

Step 2. Click ‘Plugins’ in the navigation menu.Viewing Plugins

Step 3. Find the plugin you want to disable, and click the ‘Deactivate’ link.

Disabling WordPress Plugins

Step 4. You will then see a message stating ‘Plugin deactivated’ and your plugin is now disabled.


Tutorial 2: cPanel

Step 1. Login to your ‘cPanel’.

Step 2. Click the ‘File Manager’ in the Files section.

File Manager

Step 3. Navigate to your WordPress installation folder, and open the ‘wp-content’ folder.

Open WP-Content folder

Step 4. Right-click the ‘plugins’ folder, then select ‘Rename’ or ‘Delete‘.

Renaming a folder

Step 5. Rename the plugins folder, for example “plugins.old” then click the Rename File button or simply choose to delete the plugin entirely.

Disabling Plugins

Step 6. The WordPress plugin is now disabled or deleted depending on your choice.

Source: InMotion Hosting

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